On this page, you will find our additional services related to the installation of GrapheneOS on your new (or Second chance) Google Pixel phone. Furthermore, we offer an additional service to get your GrapheneOS-enabled Pixel phone ready for use.

Curious about what GrapheneOS is and whether it's right for you? Read the explanation below the products on this page. You will also find a section with frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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What is GrapheneOS?

GrapheneOS is a privacy-first, extra-secure, open source version of Android. This operating system currently only runs on Google Pixel phones and makes it extra secure and, among other things, ensures that you have more control over which apps have access to your camera, location and other (sensor) data. Also, GrapheneOS comes standard without Google Services.

Google Services are the basis of many Android systems and are therefore always active in the background. So if you want more privacy and less Google, GrapheneOS might be something for you.

The goal of the GrapheneOS project is that you can still make full use of your smartphone without Google Services. Now the Google Services are very useful in daily use, but it is not always necessary that you share your precise location, for example.

The Google Services do offer the following benefits:

  • For example, using your precise location when navigating with Google Maps
  • Banking
  • Using the Google Play store
  • Push notifications
  • android updates
  • Automatically connect to nearby devices

Although GrapheneOS comes without the Google Services by default, you can install it. The above examples are fully available*.

We therefore advise - depending on your use of course - to create two completely separate profiles. One standard profile focused on your privacy (without the Google Services and other tracking apps, such as Facebook) and one extra profile where the Google Services are active and where you install the much-needed/other apps.

You can switch between the two profiles yourself and that way you have full control.

What we offer


We charge 30 euros for the installation (flashing) of the latest version of GrapheneOS on your co-ordered Google Pixel phone. Upon the first power-up, you can proceed to set up the phone yourself. This way, you can configure the WiFi, your SIM card, and PIN code on your own.

By default, the following apps are installed by GrapheneOS:

  • Auditor (a hardware-based auditor app)
  • Calculator
  • Camera (privacy and security-focused variant)
  • Clock
  • Contacts
  • Files
  • Gallery
  • Messages
  • PDF Viewer
  • Telephone/phone dialer
  • Settings
  • Vanadium (Chromium-based, hardened browser)

Make it ready for use

We also offer the possibility to make these phones ready for use for an extra 15 euros. We then install two completely separate profiles. One profile with the Google Play services (Google Play store and framework) installed and one privacy-first, default profile with the following apps

1. Google Play Services-enabled profile

  • Google Services (Framework)
  • Google Play store

2. Default profile

We install the following open source, privacy-first apps on it:

  • AuroraOSS (Google Play store alternative)
  • Auxio (offline music player)
  • KeePassDX (offline password manager and for notes)
  • Mullvad (VPN and DNS - separate subscription required if you wish to use this)
  • NewPipe (YouTube alternative)
  • OsmAnd (Google Maps alternative)
  • Proton (email client)

Of course you can also leave a note with your order which (other) apps you want to see installed. You can also choose Bitwarden as a password manager, Maps Me as a Google Maps alternative or another VPN. Let us know!

Do you have other wishes in terms of apps or services that you would like us to install for you? Let us know!

Still to do yourself

You still have to do the following yourself:

  • Set up your accounts
  • Set up WiFi, SIM card and PIN code
  • Transfer data

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Does my warranty expire when I buy a phone with GrapheneOS?

No, you are entitled to a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, just like any other electrical appliance that you purchase in the European Union.

Of course, the warranty expires in case of damage due to your own fault.

  • Is GrapheneOS legal?

Of course. GrapheneOS is actually no more than a variant of the standard open source Android system and you can simply use it. Installing and thus overwriting the standard Android version is also completely legal

* Please note that banking with your bank's app is not possible with GrapheneOS. You can of course use the web browser and log in.