Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission

We want to do things differently than the rest. And believe us, it's not as difficult as it may seem.

We are committed to a better environment in the broadest sense: we are working towards becoming carbon-neutral and investing in green solutions, like our own solar panels.

Furthermore, we collaborate with companies that are also moving in the right, green direction. For instance, our partner PostNL is already carbon-neutral.

We do realize that a smartphone - and actually, all gadgets or luxury products that you purchase - may not be the most environmentally friendly acquisition. However, since we all find ourselves needing them, we try to turn that negative aspect into something positive. Many of these manufacturers are also undergoing a transformation.

We do this together with you by offering our products at a good price and delivering excellent service.

Believe it or not, the combination of good prices, excellent service, and socially responsible business practices works seamlessly. With this approach, we hope to send a positive message and encourage other companies to do the same.

This positive message gains even more strength with each growth spurt we experience. By purchasing your new (or Second Chance) smartphone or accessory from Overnight and leaving a review, you are helping us and everyone around you.

Environment & future

The environment and our ecological footprint are important to us. Here are some of the things we do to contribute:

- We're working towards becoming carbon-neutral.

- Our electricity is generated entirely by solar panels.

- We package our products in (partly) recycled shipping envelopes and/or boxes. Envelopes with bubble wrap can be disposed of with plastic waste, paper envelopes and boxes can be recycled with paper/cardboard waste.

- Attached invoices, receipts, and other printed materials are always printed on recycled and/or biodegradable/recyclable materials. This also applies to the sticker we place on the outside of our shipping packaging. These can be recycled with paper/cardboard waste.

- Orders are bundled and shipped together whenever possible.

- We do not print our own invoices: our accounting is fully digital.

- Our waste is separated and recycled as much as possible.

- Our suppliers are located within the European Union, mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

- We support local businesses by purchasing our own computer equipment locally.

- Our inventory consists of as much second-hand furniture and equipment as possible.

- We source packaging materials and other tools within the Netherlands.

- Our profits are used to invest in good and green initiatives and environmentally friendly solutions, such as solar panels.

- We're in it for the long term. Give us the time to grow and establish our name.

Good idea?

Do you have a good idea or green initiative with which we can increase our social involvement? Let us know!

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