Repairs & warranty

Experiencing issues with your purchased smartphone or tablet? It's important to determine whether this falls within or outside the warranty. For matters covered by the warranty (usually 2 years as legally established), we will send your product to the manufacturer for you. Sometimes, we have pre-repaired or refurbished devices on hand that we can exchange for you right away. Of course, this is always done in consultation with you.

If the problem falls outside the warranty, we are of course also there for you. Repairs outside the warranty period or in the event of fall, impact or water damage are repaired in collaboration with our partner ThePhoneLab.

Never be without a phone again

We offer our customers the option to rent a loan phone. This way, you can easily bridge the repair duration of your beloved smartphone. If your phone needs repairs and you want to take advantage of our loan service, let us know by first registering your repair with us using the form below. Alternatively, you can send us an email!

Problems within the warranty period

The standard warranty period for all consumer electronics in the Netherlands is 2 years from the date of purchase. If you encounter any issues within this period, send us a message at the bottom of this page or use the 'Contact' section at the top.

We will first attempt to resolve the issue with you through email, chat, WhatsApp, or phone call. In many cases, restarting, installing updates, or resetting/restoring to factory settings can help. You might also consider trying a different charger or adapter. Some problems that may seem like hardware issues are actually related to software (or firmware). Keep in mind that you can only claim warranty for hardware defects, and our suppliers and the manufacturer may charge investigation costs if it's not a hardware problem. To prevent this and weeks of waiting, we always check your product before forwarding it.

If it turns out that following our advice did indeed resolve the problem (for example, by using a different charger or restoring your phone to factory settings), we will charge 20 euros for processing your warranty claim. This covers the cost of sending your product back and forth, which wouldn't have been necessary.

If the product appears to have genuine hardware issues, we will send you a return label to send your defective device to us. We collaborate with several major suppliers, which allows us to have your product repaired directly by the manufacturer.

Backup your data and make sure to reset the device to factory settings, if possible.

Give it a try or let us know if you need assistance. We're here to help.

Please note that for warranty cases, it's important that your device doesn't have any damage from falls, impacts, or water. This is excluded from warranty. In such cases, it's best to contact your insurer and our partner ThePhoneLab for a quote to repair it. In the case of an invalid warranty claim, we will charge 20 euros if you send the device to us.


e work together with ThePhoneLab for all your smartphone, tablet and even laptop repairs. We will repair anything that you have bought from us and that has become defective outside of the warranty.

ThePhoneLab repairs all kinds of brands, such as Apple, Samsung, OPPO, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Google, Nokia, Huawei and many more. You also receive a lifetime warranty on the functioning of the replaced part (with the exception of fall, impact and water damage).

ThePhoneLab - reparaties

You can always start with a free diagnosis : the specialists of ThePhoneLab carefully examine what is wrong with your device and what the costs would be to repair it. You decide whether to proceed with repairs. If you don't want that, you don't pay anything.

They provide screen repairs, camera repairs, battery replacement and back cover replacement, up to charging port repairs, Face ID repairs and even complex motherboard repairs.

Most repairs are carried out within 30 minutes and if it cannot be repaired, you do not have to pay ( no cure, no pay ).

Of course you are also welcome at ThePhoneLab for your repairs. They have 7 physical store locations in the Netherlands. You can walk in without an appointment.

ThePhoneLab - 5 beloftes

The 5 promises of ThePhoneLab

ThePhoneLab makes the following 5 promises to you as a customer:

1. 30 minutes service

2. Lifetime Warranty

3. iPhone screens lowest price guarantee

4. Secure your data

5. No cure, no pay

You satisfied, we satisfied

ThePhoneLab has more than 8000 reviews with an average customer satisfaction rating of 9.5! That makes them our ideal partner, because together we believe that customer satisfaction is paramount. If you are satisfied, we are too.

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