Google Pixel 7 - Lemongrass - 128GB

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Product description

Product description

On October 6, Google presented the new device in the Pixel line, the Google Pixel 7 ! The successor to the Pixel 6 is a device made for strong performance and extremely suitable for the real smartphone enthusiast. Google has with the Pixel 7 once again a self-designed chipset has been launched, this chipset is even faster and more economical than its predecessor. The camera module consists of a main and an ultra-wide-angle camera, both lenses provide high-quality photos.

Improved chipset

Google surprised with the Pixel 6 and, where many competitors use external processors, came up with their self-designed Tensor chipset. This processor delivered excellent performance with the Google Pixel 6. This chipset has now been improved in several respects and Google presents the Tensor G2 chipset. Thanks to this processor, your new smartphone is even faster and the battery also lasts a lot longer.

More compact design

At first glance, the Pixel 7 much like its predecessor, this is of course mainly due to the striking camera module. In the latest device, however, this module is made of metal instead of fragile glass. The Google Pixel 7 is also slightly more compact and feels better in the hand.

Giant zoom

The two camera lenses of the Pixel 7 seem unchanged, the main camera again has 50 megapixels and the ultra wide angle 12 megapixels. However, the camera software has improved considerably, as a result of which the quality of photos has increased. Google has also introduced an optical zoom of 8 times. This is not only a significant upgrade compared to the Pixel 6, but also compared to competitors.

OLED display

The Pixel 7 is equipped with a beautiful full HD OLED screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. This screen ensures that your content is displayed in more than 16 million bright colors. The refresh rate may seem slightly less than with competitors, but your device is a lot more economical as a result and the quality of your display is really no less.

Excellent update policy

Google once again presents an excellent update policy. The new Pixel will receive at least three new Android updates. In addition, you will receive monthly security updates for five years. That's how you are with the new one Pixel 7 so always be sure that your device software is safe and up-to-date.


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