1. Service: Install GrapheneOS on Google Pixel

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Product description

Please note! You can only purchase this service when:

- You are simultaneously purchasing a Google Pixel phone (new or Second chance) from us.

With this additional service, we install GrapheneOS (the latest version) on your Google Pixel phone. As you can see, we charge 30 euros for this installation, and it may extend the time it takes for us to ship the phone to you by 1 to 2 days.

If you choose only this service, you will go through the initial setup yourself, just like with a 'regular' (non-GrapheneOS) Android phone: simply follow the steps, set up WiFi, insert SIM card, etc.

Alternatively, we can also make it ready for use on your behalf. Choose from one of the packages we offer for this purpose. In that case, we will also install some standard apps, an alternative app store, and optionally set up an additional profile with Google Play services that you can toggle on and off yourself.


Even on our Google Pixel phones with GrapheneOS installed, you receive 2 years of warranty!

We always strive, together with you, to find the best and fastest solution to assist you when you encounter any issues.